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Newbornlander is a premium baby & parents manufacturing company and a social enterprise located in Atlantic, Canada producing high-quality products locally for 5 years.

Our products are handmade here in St. John’s, NL, Canada with eco-friendly fabrics. While ensuring the endurance of extreme weather conditions of Newfoundland itself, our products are perfectly suitable and comfortable for the entire Canadian climate.

We are contributing to the local economy by employing immigrant women beyond all the barriers of language and experiences, while easing the path to better career for them.

About Newbornlander

Newbornlander is a Social Enterprise that manufactures accessories and clothing for babies and parents in a slow fashion and sustainable way with the goal to create employment opportunities for newcomer women and give back to society. 

We strive to create beautiful, and functional items for you and your little one with safe eco-friendly materials.

Newbornlander started its journey with the hustle of a new immigrant woman, the struggle with getting into the Canadian job market with the language barrier and with a mother's concern and a quest for her baby's accessories and clothes.

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About The Founder of Newbornlander

In 2017, Constanza Safatle, an immigrant mom and the owner of Newbornlander ended up empty while searching for unique and safe baby products for her 3-month-old son, Mateo. Being a commercial lawyer back in her country Chile who came to Canada to support her husband's education, with the language barrier and difference Constanza had a hard time getting into the Canadian labour market.

From that experience, Constanza decided to create the products she was searching for by herself ensuring all the safety concerns for the good health of the baby with the zero knowledge of sewing and just with a sewing machine and carefully selected fabrics. To her surprise, she discovered one of her unexplored skills in product creation, Constanza found out people are loving her creations and the love and demand for her products was growing gradually.

With that Constanza being an immigrant woman came up with the idea of starting her own business, Newbornalder, to create safe, unique, comfortable and functional clothes and accessories for babies and parents along with supporting the employment of immigrant women who struggles to get into the job market of their skillset and help the society from the profit as a social enterprise. She developed an effective cycle for supporting immigrant women to start their desired careers by employing them initially even with no experience in this specific field and language challenge. She trains them from zero while they brush up on their necessary skill set to get into their deserved field along with ensuring networking opportunities. Constanza helps them to get their aspired job as well to support and ease the struggle of immigrant women.

Along with keeping up the high-quality level that represents Constanza's home country, Chile and nautical imagery, bold colours and serenity of Newfoundland, every product of Newbornlander is ethically handmade by the immigrant women in Canada ensuring a high comfort level and eco-friendly materials to keep up the health concern of the babies and parents.

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Thank you for your interest to order in wholesale pricing from Newbornlander. By ordering in wholesale, you'll enjoy some amazing benefits from us, including:

  • 40% discount on everything on the Newbornlander wholesale site
  • Professional pictures of all products
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